Archbishop Bergan Catholic Elementary School

Fremont, NE

2010 Completion

$6.1 Million

Archbishop Bergan Catholic Elementary School is part of St Patrick’s Parish in Fremont, Nebraska.  The school was originally established in 1913 and has been a proud staple of the community for more than 100 years.  Despite its age, the school is interested in forward-thinking school “outside the box” learning spaces. 

The school wished to incorporate design elements that foster an atmosphere of exploration and discovery, as well as encourage development of the spiritual base fundamental to Catholic education.  Recognizing that different children learn in different ways was at the forefront of thought for both the owner and BCDM. To that end, the final plan incorporated breakout spaces in the classrooms (which have a nontraditional “L” shape) as well as widened corridors with small learning spaces outside of classroom entries.

The design allows a single classroom to potentially have three different learning spaces: two in the classroom itself and one in the corridor (grades K through 2) and two in the classroom and one in a separate room within the classroom (grades 3 through 5). The different learning spaces accommodate a variety of learning styles: independent study, large group sessions, and small group sessions with fellow students, a teacher, or a teacher’s aide.  The resulting classrooms offer teachers and staff the flexibility required within their teaching spaces to meet the varying learning styles of each child.