Duchesne High School Auditorium Lobby Addition

Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart

Omaha, NE

2009 Completion

$4.3 Million

The historic Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart in Omaha, Nebraska is an independent, all girls, Catholic, college-preparatory high school.  The time had come since Duchesne’s founding in 1881 to expand its facilities.  To meet today’s educational needs, the antiquated facilities were both re-purposed and enhanced while also keeping with the desired historic atmosphere and providing flexible spaces.  The results provided state of the art facilities supporting today’s educational curriculum.  

A lobby for the athletic wing was created with a trophy case highlighting the past accomplishments of Duchesne athletes while integrating the pervasive historic and scholastic atmosphere of the campus.  This project also includes improvement to the pre-school entry – creating an identifiable “front door,” and the replacement of windows throughout the project area.

The Art Studio area basks in natural light, providing comfortable layout and creative spaces with easy access to materials.  Areas include a 3D Art Studio with adjacent kiln room, 2D Art Studio with adjacent imaging focused computer lab, office, a dark room and critique gallery.  The science area revitalized the chemistry classrooms, providing flexibility in lab and instructional delivery while utilizing some of the historic casework.  A double-sided fume hood allows better instruction visibility and also supports the preparation room.  Biology and physic classrooms now allow separation of lecture and experiment/lab in the same supervised space.