Dr. J.P. Lord School

Omaha Public Schools

Omaha, NE

2018 Completion

$10.1 Million

A school is a place where students excel, learn, and grow.  This experience shapes and molds young minds and should be available to all.  When the majority of the students have severe mental and physical disabilities, however, custom and unique strategies must be employed to ensure that the student’s needs are met to maximize their full learning and developmental potential.

J.P. Lord School is the home for the Multi-handicapped Program which serves students with multiple disabilities, ages 5-21 years, in an environment that supports students’ educational, medical, and sensory needs. The instructional program addresses the cognitive, communication, community, motor, self-help, social skills and prevocational domains. Because of the fragile condition of its students, the educational process at J.P. Lord is intertwined with their medical care. 

The existing JP Lord Elementary was an outdated building that no longer met the needs of the staff or students.  The existing school was plagued by small classrooms and insufficient storage for the equipment required by each student, ie wheelchairs.  Additionally, the building was dark and dull and did not provide the type of stimulating environment that students required.  

BCDM was given the responsibility of designing a facility that could provide these students with the accommodations they need.  The design solution ensured that large open rooms with natural daylight and bright, vibrant colors were incorporated.  These students require extensive stimulation and custom methods of engagement.  The design established “sensory zones” and “sensory rooms” that can be tailored to stimulate students into interactions.  With the technology that is currently available, the new J.P. Lord School has the exciting potential to make a whole new realm of possibilities a reality for its students. 

The staff at J.P. Lord is very compassionate, caring, and totally dedicated to the teaching and care of their students.  The primary goal of this building project was to create a building that outwardly expresses the love and care that the staff have for the students, and lets the students, their parents, and the community know that the J.P. Lord students are valued and loved.