MacArthur Elementary School

Fort Leavenworth USD No. 207

Fort Leavenworth, KS

2015 Completion

$34.1 Million

General MacArthur Elementary School is a Kindergarten through 6th grade school located on the Fort Leavenworth Army Post in Leavenworth, KS.  This new school is designed to provide the best possible experience for military families during their time at the post.  

The Army post was established in 1827 and stands as the oldest active army post west of the Mississippi River.  Due to the historic nature of Fort Leavenworth, certain design standards were required to keep with the vernacular of the surrounding context.  As a five-unit elementary school, careful consideration to the scale of the building was observed to ensure a match with the surrounding residential scale.

Each of the three floors of classroom space are arranged into a “pod” surrounded by exterior courtyards that provide natural light and views to all classrooms.    A large atrium off of the entry connects the floors and provides an open and welcoming feeling to visitors.  Bright, vibrant colors throughout the building create a positive and energized learning environment for students.  Programs such as a nature center were integrated into the building to create a comforting atmosphere (also can be used as an academic tool). 

Additionally, a high level of sustainable features and energy efficient systems integrate with the school’s educational curriculum, utilizing the physical building as a textbook to expand the student experience.  This project is targeting LEED Gold certification.