Construction Education Center

Metropolitan Community College

Omaha, NE

2017 Completion

$20.4 Million

BCDM partnered with Holland Basham Architects and BNIM to create a new construction education campus for the Fort Omaha – Metropolitan Community College and bring the future of trade education to the greater Omaha area.  Of the three new projects, BCDM designed the Construction Education Center, a building that brings together all construction-related programs under one roof. Previously, the programs were spread between two other campuses. These programs include Architectural Design, Civil Engineering, Construction Technology, Plumbing and HVAC.  The building layout was designed to create an atmosphere similar to an active work site, creating unprecedented fusion and work flow for the programs.  

This new cutting-edge facility serves as a learning tool as it displays building systems in a way that provides students with a unique, firsthand perspective of the trades they are pursuing.  Plumbing chases in the walls, electrical power and distribution, and ceiling HVAC systems are all cleverly exposed with glass and showcased with graphics to describe the system assemblies.  Multiple spaces with tables are located throughout the building for students to do homework, work on group projects and to collaborate with students from other programs. 

All labs are visually open and featured from the corridor, placing education on display.  The largest lab, the Capstone Lab, located at the center of the building, is 4,700 square-feet in size and two stories tall.  The Capstone Lab utilizes a catwalk for students and visitors to safely observe and learn from projects being constructed. The open, display-focused layout of the spaces brings curriculum visibility to current students while simultaneously serving as an effective recruiting tool for the College.