Don D. Sherrill Education Center

Lincoln Public Schools

Lincoln, NE

2013 Completion

$4.3 Million

The Don D. Sherrill Education Center (DDSEC) offers a secure and safe facility for K-8 students with behavior disorders in the Lincoln Public School District.  This education center’s mission is to encourage students to achieve, engage and become productive citizens while offering a safe, supportive, and educational environment.  The new building design creates a better environment to serve students and the mission.

After inventory and analysis, BCDM implemented a design to separate the younger and older students along an axis, allowing both wings to access a common media center, dining/common space, activity room and gymnasium.  Classrooms are approximately 350 square-feet to facilitate a low teacher-to-student ratio and give students as much one-on-one attention as possible.  In the event that a student has an incident, there are a number of smaller breakout spaces near each classroom where students can receive more private attention from teachers and counselors.

The scale and forms of the exterior were broken down to match the scale of the existing, surrounding residential neighborhood.  The exterior is predominantly brick with a sloped asphalt shingle roof to relate to the adjacent neighborhood.  The goal of this design is to be a safe, academic environment where young students can get the assistance and education they need.