“CHaD” – Children’s Center for Specialty Medicine

Wentworth-Douglass Hospital

Dover, NH

On-Going Since 2003

CHaD (Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth), A Children’s Center for Specialty Medicine, features a partnership of pediatric specialists from Dartmouth that travel to Wentworth-Douglass Hospital providing services for children.  Not only does the program address healthcare needs, but the self-esteem, body image and social/emotional needs of the child and the entire family.  Therefore, the space was designed to accommodate all ages.

The inspiration for the practice’s design is the natural “wetlands” which is a part of the hospital’s site.  Children of all ages can enjoy the adventure through the “wetlands”.  What creates the adventure?

  • Cloud formations combined with open structure for the ceiling assist in creating the visual of the sky.
  • Curved walls are used to express a sense of surprise of what might be found around the corner.
  • Floor patterns and patterned acoustical ceiling tile with critter prints expand within patient exam rooms.
  • Fiber optics illuminate fireflies and dragonflies within the nurse station and reception desk giving a sense of adventure and fun!