La Vista Public Library

La Visa, NE

1999 Completion

$7.8 Million

Integration of Two District Building Functions
Because both the Metropolitan Community College Sarpy Center and the La Vista Public Library would be sharing a single structure for two differing functions the building’s layout would have to response to the complex programmatic requirements of both clients.  East and west entry points joined by a centrally located commons space form an axis, separating the two functions of the building.

Facilitating Technological Growth
The Sarpy Center is comprised of a two-story structure, housing high-tech classrooms and a Student Services Office.  Providing the latest technology for today and infinite flexibility for the future, this part of the facility serves more than two hundred computers and video conferencing.  The La Vista Library meets the needs of current trends in technology and anticipates the future.An extensive network of accessible over-head and in-floor conduits will accommodate technology growth and flexibility.  The library portion of the facility is also equipped with a large meeting room, which can be sub-divided.  The interior features a warm, relaxed environment enlivened with natural light, creating spaces to comfortably enjoy the amenities of the facility. The overall design strives to give each half of the facility a unique atmosphere, while sharing a common architectural language.