Saddlebrook Public Library & Recreation Center

Omaha, NE

2009 Completion

$16.9 Million

Saddlebrook uses its dual program to provide community members with a one-stop resource for learning and wellness with an 11,900 square-foot public library and 24,000 square-foot community center under the same roof as Saddlebrook Elementary School.  Sharing spaces allows all partners to achieve more than what they could afford on their own and a shared entry commons provides programming space for each entity.  

To address security of the elementary school, separate drop-off and bus access areas are separated from public parking.

Saddlebrook also incorporates a “Green Roof” and other environmental elements which provide research data for sustainable design.

For the community center, a second gym becomes available outside of school hours. In the library, a rotating bookshelf opens to allow public access to the school library collection.