Holy Spirit Catholic Church

Bowling Green, KY

2010 Completion

$10 Million

Holy Spirit Catholic Church bears the name of the helper provided by God after the ascension of His Son into heaven. The parish exemplifies the essence of the Spirit in the many ministries offered and the available stewardship opportunities. 

Growth in the surrounding community led the parish to venture on a pilgrimage to design a new facility for their increasing needs. This pilgrimage was separated into two phases: Phase 1 included construction of new parish offices, catechesis classrooms, and a social hall (29,000 square-feet total). These new spaces allowed for increased stewardship, faith formation, and community service opportunities that support the spirit of the namesake. Phase II consists of the main worship and gathering spaces for the parish (24,000 square-feet). 

The new worship space encompasses the three forms the Spirit represents: water, wind, and fire. Each form is embodied throughout the architecture of the church. Water is represented by a stained-glass window that shows the hands of God holding water, appearing to flow down from the window and transitioning into a glass canopy. This canopy protrudes out over the baptismal font and represents the Spirit in the form of wind. The element of fire is embodied by bright colored art glass above the sanctuary, shaped in tongues of fire.