John Paul II Shrine

San Mateo, Rizal, Philippines

In Design

The setting for the future site of the John Paul II Church, within the Timberland Heights Development of San Mateo Rizal, serves perfectly to represent its namesake. Located within a mountainous terrain, overlooking a lake, the scene reflects an image of the outdoorsman and hiker, Karol Jozef Wojtyla. In his youth he would retreat to areas such as Timberland to reflect and receive God’s direction that would prove to impact the world.  The design of this church, dedicated to his Holiness St. John Paul II, strives to evoke the core values of the man who loved man. During his life he met many challenges: from the loss of his mother and siblings at a young age to studying underground to be a priest during the Nazi occupation. These experiences would shape his being and allow him to blend the balance of his personal talents with his spiritual passions. He was a seed of the “New Springtime” that would reform the Catholic Church and relate it to the “Modern World”, reverse the culture of death to that of life, be a champion of freedom, and create a “New Advent” for all of humanity in Jesus Christ. His message at the 1995 World Youth Day in the Philippines encouraged the laity to play a fuller role in the Church’s elevating and liberating service to the human family. This message resonates through this gift of St. John Paul II Church to the Timberland Heights community. Upon its dedication, it will assist the community in fulfilling that request.

Pope John Paul II in his “Letter to Artists” tells artists that their vocation is to create “Epiphanies of Beauty”. Through this natural setting, the honor of his Papacy, and a devotion to our Mother Mary, the design of the church intends to blend these themes. The harmony of all three will mediate Heaven until our return to the “Eternal Garden”.