St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church

Wildwood, FL

2014 Completion

$3.8 Million

St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church is committed to a journey forward as a community of disciples who live for Jesus and follow his great commandment of love. They are devoted to prayer, serving, sharing, and witnessing as a church community¬. Their commitment to service and growth as true disciples of Jesus, is a testament to their patron saint, St. Vincent de Paul. 

Rapid growth in northern Sumter County in the Diocese of Orlando led to a parish formation that began with the celebration of Mass in Catholic homes in the area. The parish grew into a funeral home chapel, and eventually the Diocese of Orlando purchased 19 acres in Wildwood as the site for a future church. In the early 1990’s a church was built to suit the needs of the congregation. However, the surrounding community continued to grow quickly, and as a result the church began new construction on a larger church building in 2012. 

In the spirit of their patron saint, being resourceful to serve many became the foundation of the design for the larger church building. The immense growth and a firm budget led BCDM Architects to the goal of creating elegance through simplicity. We designed a Master Plan that allows for future expansion of the Nave and Narthex as well as the addition of a Chapel in a second phase. The Master Plan has three key design components: Resourceful, Eucharistic, Transitional. A design is more than the pragmatic. It should also facilitate a deepening of the Catholic identify of the Parish. Interwoven in the solutions is the tradition of the Catholic Church and its liturgy. At the same time the transition of Parish history is integrated to ensure that the building endures from generation to generation.