K-12 – education

We are educational specialists – 50% of our projects are educational, totaling nearly $56 Million in construction costs annually. Designing for learning environments presents unique challenges to accommodate the specialty curriculums and their educational components. BCDM has met these challenges through collaboration with teachers, staff, administrators and community.

Our unique blend of educational research coupled with years of expertise has produced a dedicated team of educational specialists. While this means that we are well-versed in potential challenges, it does not mean we design in a vacuum. We work with each school district to assemble a team of the best minds in the district to serve on the site based design team. Through a collaborative charette process, we develop a unique design solution, taking into consideration the following issues:

  • Classroom & Learning Styles
  • Daylighting & Indoor Air Quality
  • Technology
  • Sustainability & Energy Conscious Design
  • Safety, Security & Site Traffic Flows