BCDM facilitates a faith-based project development process that gathers input from the church community-at-large and provides the leadership necessary to develop consensus and results in building a stronger church community while also building a church facility, while also producing unparalleled results during capital campaigns.

BCDM assembles a design team for each project capable of providing a balance of professional services, incorporating awe-inspiring design solutions that are also liturgically correct. Our design team creates site and building designs for our clients that foster responsible stewardship of the natural resources God has granted to all of us. We accomplish this through the use of sustainable materials, efficient building systems and the design of outdoor spaces that are an extension of the overall worship experience. A successful worship environment is spiritually uplifting, provides exceptional acoustics that enhance the music ministry, the spoken word and the Liturgy of the Word – all within a completed facility that is aesthetically pleasing, functional and cost-effective.

While some of the highest praise we receive is that our Catholic Churches feel like Catholic Churches, our designs have been recognized at local, regional and national levels.