Welcome to our blog

Welcome to BCDM Architect’s Blog!  We’re excited to share this new platform in connecting with and sharing timely and relevant information with our clients, our architectural/engineering and construction partners and our associates.  Our firm possesses the leadership abilities that are instrumental in the quality and value of work we deliver during the design and construction of every facility.  Therefore, through our posts, we want to share our experience, thoughts, tips and strategies!

We encourage you to join in on the dialogue of our blog.  Through our blog, we hope that you are able to experience how driven our staff and clients are in developing facilities which help others grow in their formation as people!

We are truly blessed and fortunate to pursue our passions through our work and contributions to the greater good.  Our experience has taught us that each client determines quality and value of the work produced in a magnitude of diverse ways.   At BCDM, we are here to serve and develop physical facilities for organizations which are in the business of forming people!  We hold true to our mission, vision and values throughout our day to day life at BCDM!