Client Resources Inc.

Omaha, NE

2011 Completion


7,286 sq. ft. (Usable)

The design of the reception space in Client Resources Inc’s (CRI) new office environment offers clients a recognizable yet unique environment, featuring a clean industrial edge to echo a progressive, forward-thinking culture.  Natural light is filtered through transparent panels giving a glimpse into the activities happening in the spaces beyond. 

As leader in cutting-edge software development, CRI demonstrates an edge in their use of space. Flexible furnishings, demountable walls, low height panels and furniture on casters offer the ability to transform meeting spaces to accommodate groups ranging from four to twenty-five. Flexible, celebrated spaces encourage creativity energy.

Team members use the new central “Pub” space to gather, lounge and share. Subtle light levels create a comfortable space for small huddles or larger gatherings.