Longfellow Elementary School Addition & Renovation

Council Bluffs Community School District

Council Bluffs, Iowa

2011 Completion

$6.2 Million

Longfellow Elementary School in Council Bluffs, IA is a Pre-kindergarten through 5th grade school striving for its students to achieve and learn at the highest possible level.  The existing school held sterile, lifeless corridors, dull classrooms, and an undersized media center and commons.  The existing building did not meet the expectations.  BCDM and the school district worked collaboratively to resolve these issues by widening the classroom entries for ADA access, while allowing natural light from the classrooms to filter into the corridor and provide visibility to classroom activity.

Varying colors of porcelain tile and painted bulkheads signify the entries and help students identify their classrooms.  Multicolored floor tile complements adjacent materials while providing movement and direction to the overall corridor design.  Classrooms have been enlivened by new carpet and accent walls to echo the colors used at classroom entries.

The high-volume media center addition allows for an expanded collection and filters natural light to various learning spaces defined through use of furniture.  The open and inviting space helps contribute to an enriched learning atmosphere for these young students.

The student commons area was formed between the existing building and new addition.  Natural light cascades onto decorative resin panels (some with graphics), while serpentine railing, acoustical clouds for sound absorption, and enhanced floor patterns support a dynamic gathering spot that encourages imagination and learning for students and teachers.